Golden Gravel - Large Bag



Golden Gravel 20mm is a durable, heard wearing flint based gravel and is the UK's No 1 bestseller for garden and landscaping projects. Golden Gravel looks great on driveways, borders and large coverage arears, bringing light and colour into otherwise natural looking enviroments.

Colour: A vibrant mixture of gold, yellows, cream and wet. it looks great when either wet or dry.

Shape: Sharp and angular with the odd rounded stone mixed in.

Fish Friendly?: This product is safe to use in water features and ponds, but please wash the product before use.

Local delivery is available from £5 when spending over £20 (please call 01924 474 142) or the product can be purchased in store.

This product cannot be purchased online.
Brand EarthStone
Code GoldenGravel