Highland Pebbles - Large Bag



Highland Pebbles are sometimes referred to as Scottish Pebbles and as the name suggests they are from the North of Scotland and are formed from ancient glacier deposits. They are a superb addition to any garden or landscaping project and the smooth, well formed pebbles really do stand out and make a great impression Great for many garden projects, they are just a little bit too large for paths and driveways.

Nominal Size: 20mm-40mm

Colour: A mixture of greys, browns, subtle reds and other colours. Very contemporary looking.

Shape: Flat and angular

Fish Friendly?: Highland Pebbles are fish friendly and safe to use in ponds and water features, please wash them well before use.

Main Uses:
Borders and Edges
Large Coverage Areas

Highland Pebbles are a natural product, some small variations in colour and size may occur.

Also known as Scottish Pebbles or Tweed Pebbles.

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Brand EarthStone
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